Resell: Right or Wrong?

There are mixed emotions on reseller culture. While many despise it, it has become the livelihood of many. With  so many limited releases in streetwear, once a good is sold out, very rarely is a restock planned for the future. The only option is buying from the resale market, from someone who, undoubtedly, will be attempting to make large profit.

Some items can see up to a 400% markup in the aftermarket used. While such extreme markups can be frustrating for consumers, I do comprehend the pursuit of the hustle. If people are willing to shovel out ridiculous premiums for recently-released gear, it would be foolish not to take advantage of that willingness. The unfortunate factor is that many people who wish to secure items on release day to actually wear for themselves (as it should be), are often beat to the checkout by money-hungry resellers buying up all of the product that they can to flip for a profit.

The streetwear game can be vicious. Money legitimately runs the world. In an arena where rare, limited, and one-time release items are an everyday occurrence, it’s nearly impossible for the resale market not to flourish. The operational model of the industry has created the opportunity on its own; and many have chosen to take advantage of it. How do you come out on top on release day? You’ve got to be quicker than quick.

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